The Charities

The Nursing Tartan was designed by nurses, for the benefit of nurses.
All profit made from the sale of the tartan products will go to help those in the nursing profession.

The proceeds will support the Burdett Trust and the Edinburgh Global Nursing Initiative - charities which support nurses through their training, and with opportunities to achieve the best possible outcomes for them and their patients.

Nurses in Scotland wearing The Nursing Tartan

The Burdett Trust

The Burdett Trust for Nursing was established in 2002 with the aim of making charitable grants to support the nursing contribution to healthcare. The Trustees target their grants at projects that are nurse-led and that empower nurses to make significant improvements to the patient care environment.

The Burdett Trust for Nursing is thrilled to be part of this wonderful initiative from nurses to nurses. The tartan created by the students from Nursing Studies at the University of Edinburgh represents a symbol of unity for nurses across the globe. We are proud to be part of the philanthropic nature of this endeavour where nurses in the UK and globally will continue to be supported.

Nursing Now is programme of The Burdett Trust for Nursing (Registered charity 1089849)

Learn more about The Burdett Trust For Nursing here

The Edinburgh Global Nursing Initiative

The Edinburgh Global Nursing Initiative supports and empowers nurses and midwives globally to make significant improvements in care and health. The EGNI engages with charities globally to achieve four objectives: Advance research, education and practice rooted in evidence, embed leadership development in all education and research programmes, amplify and strengthen what nurses and nurse communities are already doing in practice and policy influence and develop and advocate for the role and impact of nursing globally. Each year, three students from the Undergraduate Nursing Students will decide on which charity to direct any funds raised.

University of Edinburgh Development Trust (Registered charity number SC004307)

Learn more about the Edinburgh Global Nursing Initiative here